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  2017 Agenda:

  • 26-30 June, Seoul:
    8th Edition of the ILO SSE Academy
  • 27-30 June, Cochabamba:
    2nd Regional Local Economic Development Forum for LAC
  • 25-29 Sep, Luxembourg:
    9th Edition of the ILO SSE Academy
  • 17-20 Oct, Praia:
    4th World Forum of Local Economic Development



Meeting Point for
South-South Cooperation
on the SSE


The “South-South Meeting Point” is an interactive space where people from different countries can meet, engage, exchange and cooperate on the field of SSE within the perspective of South-South cooperation. Click here to check it out:



Contents and Learning Tracks


Each year the ILO coordinates the formulation of the SSE Reader, elaborated by a team of high level experts coming from Africa, Latin America and Europe, with guidance, guidelines and technical inputs from ILO officials. Reviewed by high level ILO experts and partner organizations, the ILO Reader on SSE constitutes the backbone of the academy.

The one week SSE Academy is organized in morning plenary sessions and in elective sessions in the afternoon. The elective sessions offer opportunities to share knowledge, discuss concrete applications of Social and Solidarity Economy at national and regional level, and draw up lessons for further research, projects and policy making. Participants sign only for the electives they are interested in. In addition, study visits realized during the academy allow participants to acquire an in-depth knowledge of good practices and initiatives in the field of SSE.

Starting in 2014 (4th edition of the Academy) the programme combines distance-learning and on-campus training sessions. To this end, an interactive distance-learning platform was launched, and together with the SSE Academy Collective Brain and the Meeting Point SSTC on the SSE, these interactive tools/spaces intend to foster and strengthen the worldwide network of people interested in Social and Solidarity Economy.