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  2017 Agenda:

  • 26-30 June, Seoul:
    8th Edition of the ILO SSE Academy
  • 27-30 June, Cochabamba:
    2nd Regional Local Economic Development Forum for LAC
  • 25-29 Sep, Luxembourg:
    9th Edition of the ILO SSE Academy
  • 17-20 Oct, Praia:
    4th World Forum of Local Economic Development



Meeting Point for
South-South Cooperation
on the SSE


The “South-South Meeting Point” is an interactive space where people from different countries can meet, engage, exchange and cooperate on the field of SSE within the perspective of South-South cooperation. Click here to check it out:



Who Should Attend


  • SSE practitioners (leaders and managers of social and solidarity economy organizations)
  • SSE Promoters (UN organizations and development partners, foundations, networks of SSEs)
  • Policymakers from different government ministries (labour, social affairs, cooperatives, women’s entrepreneurship, youth)
  • Social partners (workers and employers organizations)
  • Researchers interested in getting practical insights into the application of Social and Solidarity Economy in different regions